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  1. mortifiedphreak

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

  2. mortifiedphreak

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    I might be in!
  3. mortifiedphreak

    OHI ON! (269)

    What a nice lady like netbook you have there mahla.
  4. mortifiedphreak

    WHAT! A chance to win steelseries shit?

    Like a boss.
  5. mortifiedphreak

    WHAT! A chance to win steelseries shit?

    I stopped kicking, people didn't seem to like it for some reason.
  6. Hey guys, I know I have been absent from the forum for ages and this wont change very much but I did want to share this contest with everyone. If you go to this link: http://steelseries.com/10?code=heI67PKb you can select some steelseries product and if you win you get the products you selected. So go pick your prices and lets hope some of us win! Morty PS: Im still hoping some people will start playing league of legends on the european server Hell I can even come to the US server http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4c2fb05a68985
  7. mortifiedphreak

    MY GOD!!

    Sherayray, good to see you are still alive and doing well dude.You still play battlefield heroes? You addict. If you are looking for some new free games you could try league of legends or alien swarm (which is free on steam). Both are pretty fun and 2 different kind of games.
  8. mortifiedphreak

    Crospyder just became a daddy

    Congratulations cro and lady. Awesome name you picked! Almost as awesome as Kevin
  9. mortifiedphreak

    The age old debate

    Niek Ninja ftw! I would definately go for Ninja's.
  10. mortifiedphreak

    Just for Katrin

    Lmao, those are great clark.
  11. mortifiedphreak

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

    Lol what a difference. Do you now get why Darth goes to Spain so many times? Welcome back.
  12. mortifiedphreak

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

    Hehe have fun guys
  13. mortifiedphreak

    Crospyder will become Daddy :) :) :)

    Sweet dude! Congratulations. As always, name the baby Kevin.
  14. mortifiedphreak

    November - England

    I heard about that site, I don't use it though, so can't vouch for you. It sounds like a fun plan, but I need a job first lol.
  15. mortifiedphreak

    A Blast from the Past

    Hey JP, I remember you. Good to see you again. As you kinda guessed, allot of phreaks have CoD 4, and looking forward to the next installment. A few of us also play BFH, so we might get some games on together. On ET we still scrim, and we also play L4D which is allot of fun. Good to see you around JP.