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  1. hinata

    easy good and free movieeditor

    well thats the kind i dont need. i dont need to go all searching over the net its one of the reasons i made this tread. i dont mind doing a little research but going for youtube how to do this and then that its not my thing:P
  2. hello guys and galls what I wanted to ask is: does anybody knows an easy and good program to edit films? another inportant thing is it has to be free (it can be a paid one but with a crack) and if its that paid version with that crack how to install and stuff. i really need your help:P your truly gaijin
  3. omg thats gotta be one godly server free health XD
  4. hinata

    Hungary ban us

    yeah i see her once a week but i was just confiming malha's statement. making it legit you know
  5. hinata

    Hungary ban us

    real nice boobies ^^
  6. hinata

    Typical Belgiums

    lol XD you took the baitXD
  7. hinata

    Typical Belgiums

    stop the crap your retarded XD dont blame shit on the people with serious illnesXD ps: no disrespect for people with that or something this was just to joke about my cousin
  8. hinata

    Typical Belgiums

    it was boom twice first was his alter ego:P lmao
  9. hinata

    Fact Or Crap......

    definitly fact. cuz off the baby women cant hold their urine long and its so wierd as hell that it has to be fact
  10. hinata


    tought aah wth lets go to a seal wedding. when he arrived there it was a big shock all he saw was... (ps we got a story like this about fat will i loved it so lets make this 3 times as awesome)
  11. hinata

    Semtex nade stick ....

    no he is just a nerd looking up everything we want to know cuz he got spare time on his handsXD
  12. hinata

    Semtex nade stick ....

    isnt it like bubble gum ? when you trow it against something it wont stick but when you plaster it to some thing it does?
  13. hinata

    The age old debate

    have you guys ever seen a pirate kill a thousand man with just his bare hands? end off discussion
  14. hinata


    *change ProPeLLerPhReaK into AKAPrHeaKXD*