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    I dont have private life
  1. SaTaNPhReaK

    MY GOD!!

    I see General and Freeky daily.. or atleast a few times a week on facebook...Mafia bros...lol
  2. SaTaNPhReaK

    MY GOD!!

    Any of the older phreaks come by anymore? Sideshow or Neat perhaps? Anyone ever talk to Grungy, co-creator again?!?
  3. SaTaNPhReaK

    MY GOD!!

    Havent really left.. still where the PRK tag every where I go, so the heart is always here. Btw Cro, I ticked on that fcking tab on the bottom of the new post, for me to get emails sent to me for each reply.. NOT a ONE came to me.... LOL just some FYI.. Jess says Hi to you as well. Dont you guys use Facebook?? lol, Im always on there if you need to see me, hear me on an other hand is something different lol, I have connected to your vent a few times, talk to Cripple for a bit, but seen no one else. Also some fyi, I have joined a clan, BFHeroes clan only though, so dont get discouraged. I still have my Phreak name along with there tag...I dont know if I should ask... but do you guys still play ET?? LOL!!! I know some of you guys are die hard ET heads, BFh pulled that away from me... sorry... TTyL..
  4. SaTaNPhReaK

    MY GOD!!

    My GOd there are allot of new phreakz since Ive been on last!!! Hard to get on here anymore, between school and work and moving... again... But I just had to log in and see whats new here, and I see there are a shit load of new phreaks on here now! Cant say much is new with me since the last time you guys saw me, still playing BFHeroes and not much else. Cant afford to try and look at other games atm.... lolI like the new look on the website though.. GJ Cro and Bo0m on that.. and Congrats Cro on the new born!!
  5. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

  6. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Fact, probably only a short distance though
  7. SaTaNPhReaK

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

    Over half of us that live in the US during Xmas time... LMAO @ warm weather!! Not here my friend not here, maybe down with General during that time of year but you wont catch anything above 10'C near Me or Gio then dude. 10'C is 50" F for the US guys. But if you are down with the coldness then bring your ass over dude.. lol
  8. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

  9. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Crap.. can see the Great Wall also
  10. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Just say Fact or Crap dipdoh....It mainly guessing anyways Fact
  11. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Going with Morty here.. Fact
  12. SaTaNPhReaK

    whats your job ??????????

    I work is shitty crawl spaces now... ffs they suck. Only job so far when I get home Everyday I have to take a shower Everyday due to the nasty crap we deal with now.
  13. SaTaNPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Fact Id say.. if its crap bo0m please do tell what is or isnt...
  14. SaTaNPhReaK

    im bored

    Whats up Daemon? been a while since I seen you around.
  15. SaTaNPhReaK

    g-nite/g-morning thread

    GM.. its 7:20 here.. getting ready for a long days work..