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  1. -oVe-

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    Interesting stories from all of you! Well back in school did I use alias orre becouse my real name is oscar and yeh my friends did therefor say orre... Then when I changed school (started at highschool) did I get new friends, and they named me ove... So I changed my alias so they can see/understand who it was. (ove did also sounded better as orre is the name of a stupid bird that living in swamps) But the bird idea was still there, as Im playing golf am I also interested of birdies lol. So I turned the V big so it looked more like a face of an owl Where o and e are eyes (the e is "blinking") Experimented with oVe, (oVe), ôVê and -oVe- But after some thinking did it end with oVe, -oVe- or _oVe_ as they can be used in most games
  2. -oVe-

    Phreakz Radio

    Hehe: Well a playlist from the nub rock DJ Rammstein, Adios Judas Preist, Breaking the law Metallica, one In Flames, Abnegation Deep purple, smoke on the water Judas Priest, living after midninght In Flames, Wayfearer Eagles, desperado Iron Maiden, the trooper Boston, more than a feeling Cradle of filth, nymphetamine fix Iron Maiden, aces high Rammstein, Du Hast In Flames, land of confusion Evanescence, What you want Eagles, hotel california Linkin Park, no more sorrow Bachman turner overdrive, not fragile Rammstein, feuer und wasser Van Canto, speed of light Rammstein, Herzeleid Iron Maiden, flight of icarus
  3. :) fart! :)
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      Hmm, yeh, it was that way... It feels like I hold on it to long...

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      That "Let it go" song kinda suits :)