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  1. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Buy Games?

    seems pretty cool man
  2. CuRioUsPhReaK


    play island paradise insteaddd
  3. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Your hobby

    1st - Soccer. Playing, watching, coaching. I love it. Not a day will go by that i do not participate it in anyway. 2nd - Gaming. PC and Xbox. RPG's are my favorite, as are FPS, although I am really into a fantasy online golf game and have been for a while. 3rd - Music. Whether I am walking to class or eating lunch I am always listening to music. Blink 182 is my favorite band, and i recently went to their concert. It was the best Me In a Nutshell
  4. CuRioUsPhReaK

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

    near rhode island that would be sweet
  5. CuRioUsPhReaK

    A Blast from the Past

    hey man whats happeningggg i remember you used to use bazooka alot
  6. CuRioUsPhReaK

    whats your job ??????????

    i am a soccer referee for now :]
  7. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Staying organised

    I tend to write stuff down on sticky notes and stick them on my computer so i remeber to do them. Since i am on the computer alot i will usually get things done lol. I will also split up my free time and work time. If i have things to do but i feel like gaming, ill tell myself if i do one hour of work then i can do one hour of gaming, etc.
  8. CuRioUsPhReaK


    lmao that last one is effing hilarous
  9. CuRioUsPhReaK

    g-nite/g-morning thread

    good morning its 7:16 AM and i am off to school :[
  10. CuRioUsPhReaK

    g-nite/g-morning thread

    good morning its 12:21 stayed up until 3 last night and now i have to work D:
  11. CuRioUsPhReaK

    g-nite/g-morning thread

    good morning its 12:08
  12. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Guys i just became billionare

    man i thought u were serious bro
  13. CuRioUsPhReaK

    What u playing these days?

    albatross 18 and ET
  14. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Please guys do me a favour....

    finished :]
  15. CuRioUsPhReaK

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas Bliss :]