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  1. fAntasy

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Shall I add you to the list?
  2. fAntasy

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Some guy called mAhla was scared of Magnum. Its a choice you dont have to take it if you've got balls
  3. fAntasy

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    fAntasy PRESENTS League of Legends 1v1 Tournament (No Pussies Allowed) THE TOURNAMENT - The tournament will be a round robin group where everybody has to play each other once. - The person with the highest score at the end wins. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. - The games will be played on Summoners Rift (Mid Lane Only). The first person to destroy a tower wins the game. - Lets keep it PhReaKy guys! No nerds minus a few exceptions. RULES - You'll be allowed to recall, but doing so could be costly! - Your champion is selected at random. You must press the random 3 times, with your 3rd champ being the one you have to use. - You are allowed ONE reroll per-game meaning you can roll once again after your champion has been picked. If you do NOT use your reroll, it is passed on to the enemy player who is free to use it on top of their own reroll. - To make things a little fairer (if you're a pussy); if a player is a lower tier than their opponent they can request that they use -10 mastery points per tier difference. For example; a silver scrub can request a platinum player only use 10 masteries because of the 2 level tier difference. PRIZES 1st. 1780rp / 1575rp 2nd. 2 x Mystery Skin 3rd. 1 x Mystery Skin SIGN-UPS fAntasy Magnum Diggity Kani Speteke Dualinity mAhla Pulssi Grant
  4. fAntasy

    Crossfire Cup

    Will do it now, sorry havent checked in the past few days!
  5. fAntasy

    Crossfire Cup

    Everyone is welcome man! Would be good to see some of the old time PhReaK legends getting involved Just signup through those links and I'll be able to add you
  6. fAntasy

    Crossfire Cup

    This isn't LAN this is an online cup lol. Games starting this week!
  7. fAntasy

    Crossfire Cup

    The PhReaKz are taking part in the Crossfire ET Cup! We have a team representing us in the 2v2, 3v3 and 6v6 ladders. // Me and mAhla will be taking care of destroying nerdz in the 2v2 ladder. // For the 3v3 ladder, I'd like to invite anyone who would like to play to join the team through the cybergame website. Make sure you read and understand the rules. CGAC is needed for this cup https://eu.cybergamer.com/team/205139/The-PhReaKz/ // Same case for the 6v6 ladder, if you would like to take part signup to the cybergames website and join the team through this link https://eu.cybergamer.com/team/203398/The-PhReaKz/ It would be cool if we could get some of you oldschool PhReaKz involved! The competition is tough in the 6v6 ladder so we're not expecting much, we're just playing for fun and the excitement of competitive ET again. Feel free to signup, it would be nice to have you! Regards, Fantasy
  8. fAntasy

    The Phreakz Singing!

    Fucking love these bitches xD <3
  9. fAntasy

    Fintardistan Meeting?

    If I come direct this is probably best for me: If I come via Amsterdam, I'll either have to pay quite a bit more or stay stranded in Amsterdam for 20hours
  10. fAntasy

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    I guess I'll start from the beginning else its quite a short post I started playing a few months after the relesase of RtCW. My dad was introduced to the game by one of his friends. For the first year or so, I just used the standard name "WolfPlayer" (the ETPlayer of RtCW) because I didn't really understand the naming part. Eventually, my dad name himself Sausagedog and created a big community called 4L!VES. My dad ran a 4 lives, deathmatch server. In the early days, it could only hold 8 people because it was running of my dads machine but we eventually found we could rent servers. Anyway, because of this I name myself DogJr. After a couple of years playing exclusively on 4L!VES server (I couldn't play on any other server becasue I was playing on the machine that was hosting the server) I moved to some other servers. During this time, I changed my name every few weeks. I was a kid so just went with whatever sounded cool. I went through names like fl4me, crush, c0rpse, rayman and all random names like that. I was in a number of clans, the first of which I can remember was called Lazy Players where I had the name Flagger XD Anyway, we get to 2006 and I'm trying to join one of the top clans in the game at the time. It turns out they were unsure of who I was because of my constant name changes. I then realised I needed to stick with a name in order to become known. At the time, I was blasting through Final Fantasy XII on the PS2 and was absolutely loving it. Becasue of this, I decided to take the name Fantasy due to my love of the game, and the previous games in the series. I've ended up stick with this name ever since. What helped my stick with this name is my friend also made me an awesome signature, which at 12 years old looking fucking amazing! So that's my story on how I got my name. Signing out -Fagtasy
  11. fAntasy

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    Cup was finished, Raptor won by quite a margin with Pulsman finishing 2nd and Magnub 3rd. It was a good cup Hopefully more cups to come in the future Stay tuned
  12. fAntasy

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    Can we get this finished by the end of this week? I know Neddy has late night works which seems to be a problem with playing. Just let me know which evenings you're avi and we can sort something out
  13. fAntasy

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    Is everyone avi this weekend? Also, who doesn't have PayPal cuz I need to find a way to do money transfer if not
  14. fAntasy

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    Gonna give the group till Friday to finish, I know it's hard to get everyone online. I'll try and convince Mini to be around.
  15. fAntasy

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    Group 1 Results Group 1 :: Match 1 mAgnub- 21 Chuck- 24 Elina- 15 Raptor- 30 + 3 Group 1 :: Match 2 mAgnub- 18 Chuck- 18 Elina- 18 Raptor- 30 + 3 Group 1 :: Match 3 mAgnub- 30 + 3 Chuck- 27 Elina- 14 Raptor- 25 Group 1 :: Totals mAgnub- 72 Chuck- 69 Elina- 47 Raptor- 91 Group 2 Results Group 2 :: Match 1 epA- 30+3 Spit- 17 Asko- 20 Neddy- 23 Group 2 :: Match 2 epA- 24 Spit- 23 Asko- 30+3 Neddy- 19 Group 2 :: Match 3 epA- 25 Spit- 13 Asko- 21 Neddy- 31+3 Group 2 :: Totals epA- 82 Spit- 53 Asko- 74 Neddy- 76 Group 3 Results Group 3 :: Match 1 Diggity- 12 pulssi- 30 + 3 mAhla- 15 fAntasy- 27 Group 3 :: Match 2 Diggity- 28 pulssi- 30 mAhla- 33 + 3 fAntasy- 29 Group 3 :: Match 3 Diggity- 21 pulssi- 20 mAhla- 30 + 3 fAntasy- 19 Group 3 :: Totals Diggity- 61 pulssi- 83 mAhla- 84 fAntasy- 75