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  1. Kani

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Of course Im in but why the mastery rule, I dont like that beter without imo.
  2. Kani

    Phreakz Vs Quarkclan (Cs:go)

    As you already know Im in for that Let's rek some nerds.... or get rekt.
  3. Kani

    Crossfire Cup

    Talking about noobs?!?! Good luck bro's better rek some bitches!
  4. Kani

    The Phreakz Singing!

    Fanta - The ketchup song
  5. That is indeed right, but nothing new Code
  6. Kani

    New Monitor, Suggestions?

    excidently linked to Dutch site. (you can use the links for spec information tho second tab)
  7. Kani

    New Monitor, Suggestions?

    yo, it isssnt that i hav something better, but if your choosing for a 27" monitor with a 1920x1080 resolution your gonna stretch up your PPI (pixel per inch) same as digital zoom. try a 24 inch with 1920x1080 or 27 inch 2560x1440 e.g. - Asus PB278Q Zwart -Iiyama XB2776QS-1 Zwart Kinda in the same price class
  8. Kani

    New Site

    I just want to add a thing you cant tab in the log in screen, its a minor detail but i like to use the keyboard a lot to speed some things. When you tab in login screen to go from username to password you will tab to the site beneath the pop up screen. (soz for grammar)
  9. Kani

    Mass troll please

    Hahah lol xD
  10. Kani

    Fact Or Crap......

    FAIL..... -.-'take back my wordzz
  11. Kani

    Fact Or Crap......

    hahaha the dirty bastard xD
  12. Kani

    Fact Or Crap......

    Mahla i think yo a clan member BRO.
  13. Kani

    Fact Or Crap......

    So your gonna join again Mahla, and when you join stop by [link]http://www.gameservers.com/clanpay/?clanid=5d79407dbe5906842855bc3db25020e3[/link] since your: "Daily at PhReaKz Teamspeak server chilling or arguing" Edit: hahahaha
  14. Kani

    PhReaKz on Facebook

    I joined... not much users dohh!!!