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  1. Devilsmed98

    Crospyder will become Daddy :) :) :)

    Sorry this is a little late but congratulations man! That is awesome! With your genes its gonna pop out with a headset on, holding a mouse. lolz And p.s. you should name it PhRanK.
  2. Devilsmed98

    A Blast from the Past

    Welcome back chap
  3. Devilsmed98

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

  4. Devilsmed98

    PhReaKz on Facebook

  5. Devilsmed98

    MineH namedayZOR!

    happy birthday chaP!? i think that's what your saying?
  6. Devilsmed98

    27th march - Berserk's b-day !

    ITs not your bday here yet, but happy birthday anyway! ps. Very nice poem storn.
  7. Devilsmed98

    massacre at a school

    fucked up shit
  8. Devilsmed98

    Guys i just became billionare

    haha nice cro
  9. Devilsmed98

    Please guys do me a favour....

  10. Devilsmed98

    Merry Christmas all

    Awww Lucy! merrry christmas to you! welcome back!
  11. Devilsmed98


    haha that was funny as hell morty
  12. Devilsmed98

    Happy Thanksgiving day

    happy thanksgiving everyone
  13. Devilsmed98


    I believe I was in Halifax
  14. Devilsmed98


    nova scotia................I went there once in august and it was 40 degrees in the morning.
  15. Devilsmed98

    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all veterans, current soldiers! Also thank you havoc. @boom: definitely nitro tanks