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  1. SdshortyPhReaK

    Crossfire Cup

    i have exams :s
  2. SdshortyPhReaK


    thx a lot neddy
  3. SdshortyPhReaK


    yeah sadly i was just to late for the cup I would gladly like to come back to ET but i'll have to reintstall everything then, my old pc recently died on me, may he rest in peace
  4. SdshortyPhReaK


    Hey guys, It has been a long time, again.. so i'm not very active anymore but i do play some curvefever once in a while so if some of you guys want to play together some time, add me, sdshorty, i still wear the prk tag proudly! cheers
  5. SdshortyPhReaK

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    sorry for my inactivity lately add me on curvefever if you feel like playing a game prk|sdshorty
  6. SdshortyPhReaK

    Mad Skillz Jet'll Never Reach!

    Nice vid mahla!
  7. Happy Birthday SdshortyPhReaK!

  8. SdshortyPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    Maybe i can come 1 day but i will have to see then if i'm able to come because i'll sure have a lot of work for university.. :/
  9. SdshortyPhReaK

    Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter

    that is really cool
  10. ye really nice post i'll try to put some content to when i find sth decent, and ye its true (about the minecraft)
  11. SdshortyPhReaK


    Season 2 of VGHS is finally here! for those who didnt watch season 1: http://www.rocketjump.com/channels/vghs-complete-season-1 it is quite a nice webseries and i recommend you guys watching it! Episode1 season 2: http://www.rocketjump.com/category/vghs
  12. SdshortyPhReaK

    Risk: World Domination

    so you can move 4 troops from the same country but not from multiple countries right?
  13. SdshortyPhReaK

    Risk: World Domination

    ye if it that is possible i would like to do it to because my troops are scattered all over the place now cos of my misfortune.. Edit: oh ok, but what do you mean one move per turn? you can move an amount of troops from 1 country to another one? but not from 2 countries to another 2 countries?
  14. SdshortyPhReaK

    Risk: World Domination

    i seem to be THE most unlucky person ever.. roflmao how is this even possible lol argentina +1 western aussie +1 mato grosso +1 no attacks