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  1. mAhla

    Fact Or Crap......

    Think I have heard about it, but cant figure out what day it is. MIght have been in some other country aswell, im gonna say crap.
  2. mAhla

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    At least it has epic trailer.
  3. mAhla

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Up in this motafuka
  4. mAhla

    Netherlands Meeting

    Hey, We have been planning to have new meeting in NL. I'll list all the info I know sofar below: - The plan is to hang around the Hague - Meeting will be 4 days long (Arrive: Thursday Leave: Monday) - If many people will join, we might hire a cottage / Villa, all the costs will be shared - If many people wont join, we'll sleep at Kani's/Spitty's/Dual's place & maybe hotels? - The date for the trip is set to 23rd-27th July 2015 People who are coming to this trip for sure: - mAhla - Fantasy - Magnum - Spitty People who wanted the meeting to happen, but havent confirmed that the date is ok: - Pulssi - Diggity - Chuck - Kani - Dualinity - epA - Neddy Related picture for upcoming trip:
  5. Hey, I have challenged Quarkclan to clan battle vs us in CS:GO. The info of the upcoming match is below: Date: 8th of Feb 17:00 CET Format: 5v5 & Best of three The map pool will be the following: de_nuke de_dust2 de_inferno de_mirage de_cache de_cobblestone de_overpass Team who wins knife round can choose the starting side If you are willing to join the match, let me know in this topic! Ppl willing to join: - Kani
  6. mAhla

    Crossfire Cup

    Fits the team atleast XD We are doing as PhReakZ used perform in the cups >.< Lost every match so far
  7. mAhla

    Crossfire Cup

    Fanta should fix that, he have accepted you to 3o3 team but not in 6o6 team it seems.
  8. mAhla

    Crossfire Cup

    Which team u did sent application? 3o3 or 6o6? Do it to both
  9. mAhla

    Crossfire Cup

    http://www.gamestv.org/event/51151-the-phreakz-vs-disposable/ And nakedandafraid saying we cant win without you! So You prolly should show up!
  10. mAhla

    Crossfire Cup

    They are also wanted!
  11. mAhla


    Then this is your friend http://etui.kashu.fr/ It includes most of the maps and newest version of ET.
  12. mAhla


    So you should have been there in the curvefever cup Havent seen anyone playing it anymore for a while. Maybe think about coming back to ET. We are playing every sunday some ETPro internals together with Quarkclan. Every sunday 18:00 GMT. Cheers
  13. mAhla

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Hey! What games are you playing nowadays?