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  1. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    well, u are here, we are here, what else but actvity should that be? :-) @ boom, i'm fine thx . lots of stuff happened during last 2 years which is why i stopped playing: pregnant - married - baby died - ..................... - pregnant again - mum of sweetest girl ever
  2. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    just found my way back to site :- ) anybody still here? been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!
  3. Happy Birthday ProPeLLeRPhReaK!

  4. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    To All Phreakz

    +1 :-)
  5. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    [poll] New site

    says: "you don't have the permission for that" :-)
  6. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    jet, wie ging nochmal der song? "ohne holland fahrn wir zur wm? em? " at least they are there this time :-))
  7. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    i don't care who wins as long as it's NOT munich!!!
  8. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    Memories of childhood!

  9. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    Belgian beers

    KRUSOVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have various sorts, just going downstairs to see which is the one i brought back from schoolcamp :-) the black one i like is called : Cerné got 9/10 points here: http://www.1000getraenke.de/biertest/kruovice-ern,1611.html
  10. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    Belgian beers

    not belgian but best beer in the world :-)
  11. ProPeLLeRPhReaK

    Belgian beers

    nazi = medieval?!?!? so tired of stuff like this
  12. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    hope dies last :-)
  13. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    :-) ) ) )
  14. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


  15. ProPeLLeRPhReaK


    hmm , 2:0 ???