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  1. mAgnumPhReaK

    Anyone playing Rust?

    I liked the old rust, not really into the new one although I know some of our PRK's own the game
  2. mAgnumPhReaK

    who has the best internet?

  3. mAgnumPhReaK

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Long tourny is long
  4. mAgnumPhReaK

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

  5. mAgnumPhReaK

    League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

    Count me in 8)
  6. mAgnumPhReaK


    Looking good. Is it like the same as Popcorn Time? Illegal as fuuuck
  7. mAgnumPhReaK

    Fintardistan Meeting?

    I have to wait till August 1 probably. Then I know if i can come certainly
  8. mAgnumPhReaK

    Fintardistan Meeting?

    Happens a lot doesnt it?
  9. mAgnumPhReaK

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    I used to be ProGamer on jaymods, and after that Overlord for a time l0l. But those names are so tryhard and overused so I swapped to mAgnum! mAgnum is just awesome cuz its icecream, a band, a tv-series, a revolver and probably a lot more. And it's usually connected to something big :c'.
  10. mAgnumPhReaK


    This jet so drunk cant even spell German anymore Im proud of you, Congratz bro :')
  11. mAgnumPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    never thought I would read this on forums :')
  12. mAgnumPhReaK

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    He bought himself for 25 euros of RP in League of Legends.. And he will boost about this for the rest of his life i bet
  13. mAgnumPhReaK

    Curvefever2 Mini-Tournament!

    My brother, since hes not 18. But I guess I could cover for him, or you could transfer him RP in LoL, which he would like as well ;P