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  1. hi mate long time 

    do you play on word of tanks?

  2. Bo0mPhReaK


    Neddy... Let's revive it then ? Lots happened idd, sorry to read about first baby. Time to get things rolling again... Ned, I Will call in the old crocodiles, watch me ?
  3. Bo0mPhReaK


    Hehe, What a coincidence, just visiting today ;-) How are you? Been a loooooooooong time idd!
  4. Bo0mPhReaK

    Fact Or Crap......

    Fintardistans celebrate each year Failure Day? o.0
  5. Bo0mPhReaK


    Popcorntime is just one of the addons u can install with it. Illegal, uhm... not the hardware, not the software ... the things u stream or download with it, that is another story
  6. Bo0mPhReaK


    For those who like to watch movies: Install Kodi on your pc or buy the little black box (comes with this software). Then add SuperRepo or Fusion and install some addons like navi-x, phoenix, genesis, icefilms, ... Sit back and enjoy some movies, live tv, series, ... ;-) Realy awesome piece of hardware and software imo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZt9jjAkJFY
  7. Bo0mPhReaK

    Crossfire Cup

    Lol Jet trolled. Noobapplication incomming o.0
  8. Bo0mPhReaK

    Crossfire Cup

    are noobs also welcome?
  9. Bo0mPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Woot Control. Been a while... Congratz Marcel :-) @ Vern: next chat we have u might explain me how to do tax fraud with that software :-) my job is now auditing those types of businesssoftware ;-)
  10. Bo0mPhReaK

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    Simple, it explodes and then ur own3d :-) Started with kboom but in PhReaKz I changed it to Bo0my. Some members do think it got sth to do with vengaboys. I'll keep those details for myself :-)
  11. Bo0mPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Congratz Ned ☺
  12. Bo0mPhReaK

    New Servers!

    couldn't make it, was on vacation for the weekend
  13. Bo0mPhReaK

    New Servers!

    what about thursday evenings ladies? 2 teams, captains Mahla and Jet... u know the rest ;-)
  14. Bo0mPhReaK


    @ Mahla: don't let them do it! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-wants-to-regain-finland-for-russia-adviser-says-9224273.html
  15. Bo0mPhReaK

    New Servers!

    played a bit on the n!tmodserver :-) Those bots got better or I suck lol