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  1. BENNPhReaK

    Jeeee Ajax win the title

    U saw the pics of my topic when the team of the Netherlands came back in Holland in Amsterdam.. Now this are some pics of the champions of the Netherlands: AJAX!!!! I think there are much more pics of this day. 110.000 people on the square in Amsterdam AMAZING DAY!!
  2. BENNPhReaK

    Netherlands & his World Cup

    Today there was a homage for the players of The Netherlands in Amsterdam. First to the president, then the Queen, then with a boat into the canals of Amsterdam and then Museumplein were people been over the 300.000. In the whole city there were 600.000 - 700.000 people. I would be there but i heard there were so much people there that i didnt go. I regretted that But yes thats life  Here some pics and a video: " type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> " /> " />
  3. BENNPhReaK

    Netherlands & his World Cup

    Pff, this sucks. But we need to look forward. 3 September the European Championship Qualification. San Marino - Netherlands!
  4. BENNPhReaK

    Netherlands & his World Cup

    Ooooooh damn! Stupid octo Mwuaauhauhaa
  5. BENNPhReaK

    Netherlands & his World Cup

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  6. BENNPhReaK

    Netherlands & his World Cup

    Oehh, almost we gonna win it. The world cup. Today we all see offcourse we win the game against Uruguay (3-2) Netherlands Ruuullezszzz. (PS: talk in orange in this thread (A)
  7. BENNPhReaK

    Only because Will is Fat!

    LMFAO @boom LOOool
  8. BENNPhReaK

    Vertical writing skillz... I haz dem!

    t h i s w h o l e t o p i c i s b o r e d . n e e d a d r i n k !
  9. BENNPhReaK

    whats your job ??????????

    I worked on a market. I sold meat there. a kind of a butcher. I stopped because it was boring. I'm in a exam class now.