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    Fact Or Crap......

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    Fact Or Crap......

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    Fact Or Crap......

    crap its ze dutch with the green stuff
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    OMG Hacks Chronic needs ur help

    Uhm is it supposed to be about death in general or more like "your" death ?? if its about yourself dieing than i would say to change the the whole poem :S except maybe the last line. But make it shorter like: "we are born to fly but we live yo die we dont fear death we fear being alone" with the quotes so it is like someone is saying it or someone said it. also make it look like a poem like each line one sentence or something.
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    just dont pay attention to the website from the best et clan http://professionalowner.free.fr/music/index.html all the crimi megamixes and some others are very good