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  1. hi mate long time 

    do you play on word of tanks?

  2. crospyder

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    hey Pho (Mahla) u almost made me cry .... that was days..... For example since that last tourney that u fought VS Storn in Finals i got married, bought an apartment, got 2 kids, colleceted 32 ages on my back etc... haha whou would say... we know eachother for 10 years now or more.... Its really a pleasure to see thephrakz still rollin'..... but dont get concerned about quantity, its important to have quality members.... every clan got ups and downs, thephreakz obvioulsy survived everything, and i really remember most of crysis in this awesome gaming clan..... no no... thephrakz are not gaming clan only, thephreakz.net became an insittution of gaming Just stay relaxed and do gaming, everything else will go as it was always going Greets by some odl old PRK.Crospyder veteran Luv u all guys
  3. crospyder

    Humble Bundle

    i already took the set of games for 5 bucks. ITs definitely worth of it.
  4. Some GTA facts And of course evolution of gaming graphics - from huge pixels per square inch, to megapixels in 3D
  5. Title says it all Eve online - more than 4k players in space fight at same moment is this true? no comment
  6. crospyder

    Merry Christmas !

    damnit couldnt do it earlier. Marry x-mass and happy happy new year. Also goood goood gooood luck with the petition for ET remake, i would like to see that Luv u all
  7. crospyder

    Hydrophonic system

    can you explain this boom a bit more - seems interesting but im not sure what does it do
  8. crospyder

    MY GOD!!

    Ray dude i thought you were abducted by some small green creatures or so - i miss you dude - im glad you like the new look and a lot of new phreakz arround. Also i hope you might find some time for old friends - i cant wait to hear priceless Ray's voice on ventrilo one more time before i die Everybody loves Ray!!! PS: Say hi to Jess i didnt saw her arround for a long time also - kiss tha kidz
  9. crospyder

    Crospyder just became a daddy

  10. crospyder


    LARP is actually Live-action-role-play. this system is used in various live games - so we started to use it in airsoft military simulation events. LARP players are usually either "civilians-actors" who got their linear role in event. FOr example: You got terrorist cell between civilians - nobody knows who are they - because they are dressed same like towelheads - u dont see weapons etc - so you need to send away-surveilance-team to take a photos of suspetcs etc... during night we do quick entry in those buildings and try to arrest all of them - usually ends up with a lot of dead bodies. Then u have "spies" - LARP players are usually players from organizator club - they do moderating and LARP-ing in the event.
  11. crospyder


    here on trainings and events is forbidden to play in civilian clothes - and tennis shoes - except you're a part of LARP players