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  1. GrantPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    even Boom still checks in !
  2. GrantPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    agree with you ghost!
  3. GrantPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    I sure will kick Epa his ass if he comes to Holland! I think i should be able to come for 2 days , gonna sleep 1 night in a hotel then The weekend you picked seems fine for me Isn't Harry coming with you Niko? grtz
  4. GrantPhReaK

    Grant got a troll post on his facebook site

    this no life shitters
  5. GrantPhReaK

    They day when I wont blame..

    hehe thnx dudes and dudettes !
  6. GrantPhReaK

    Shit happens, the car

    sounds like shit good luck with that storny
  7. GrantPhReaK

    For Grant

    and what is the connection of this picture?
  8. GrantPhReaK

    Project X Haren

    ye ive just read something 5 minutes ago, that people started smashing things and causing trouble....sad
  9. GrantPhReaK

    Project X Haren

    haha ye i hearded it, freaking awesome
  10. GrantPhReaK


  11. GrantPhReaK


    I blame mAhla
  12. GrantPhReaK


    storn just be online at teamspeak @ 16 september, so we can discuss these points
  13. GrantPhReaK


    erm , i should be able to arrange some weekend off i guess... But we should get it going with more people And maybe make some list , like where in poland were going, gonna see something in poland maybe? where we gonna stay, what the costs are around etc... think that makes it more easier for everyone to sign up
  14. GrantPhReaK


    I sense so much negative attitude here
  15. GrantPhReaK


    would be nice to meet storn and albuz(again). Im up for it, i have my vacation period from 24 september till 14 october. Im not sure if i go on holidays tho We'll see if we can arrange something