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  1. GhostPhReaK

    who has the best internet?

    Wanna trade? Glad we'll have glass fiber next year
  2. GhostPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Congratz with with your second one!
  3. GhostPhReaK

    New Servers!

    Better contact Paul then ;-)
  4. GhostPhReaK

    New Servers!

    Gonna let the CoD4 server expire. Haven't had much time and energy for it, so it's a kind of a waste in its current state. Had some people on it who liked the mod, but well, need more than a few
  5. GhostPhReaK

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    Intresting story This is mine: You might have seen my Steam username, ultraboyj. (Look to the left) Well, that's quite crappy, and that's what I thought when I was looking for a new original name. There was this game, awesome game, I lend from my cousins who are PhReaKz aswell(inactive). This game was called Timesplitters future perfect. It was for the Gamecube. I really, Really loved this game. I needed one sort of a reference of this game in my new name. I wanted to go with 'Timesplitter' but that was just one character too long for a Crossfire username.(f2p fps) So I needed something shorter. While playing a arcade challenge in Timesplitters called 'Rocket 101' I ran in cross of a character called 'Jacque de la Morte'. For some reason I was interested in this name. This name was too long though, so I had to change it and came up with 'BoydelaMorte'. BoydelaMorte is the name I worn before I joined the PhReaKz. I think I've worn Ghost aswell before joining, but I'm not sure. Ah well, when I joined PhReaKz I could roll with BoydelaMortePhReaK. That's way too long. Imaging you having to say this over TS lol. So I had to shorten it. So I came up with Ghost > GhostPhReaK. Ghost comes from a gamemode called Ghostmode from Crossfire. This mode is similar to CoD's Search and Destroy, but with a twist. (Want to make this aswell for my CoD4 mod, one of the reasons I started modding) There are two teams, the attackers and the defenders. There are also two bombsites, A and B. The attackers have to plant and detonate one bomb at one of these bombsites, or they have to eliminate the other team to win. The defenders have to defend the bombsites, defuse the bomb in case it's planted or eliminate the other team to win. This is basic Search and Destroy. The twist is, the attackers only have melee weapons, are invisible when standing still and transparent while moving. I found this mode really entertaining. I loved it! That's where Ghost comes from I still use BoydelaMorte for my mods and things I make. Still like the name, because it's original I left something out, but don't know what
  6. GhostPhReaK

    How Did You Get Your Name?

    Share your story! I'll share mine later when I'm behind a keyboard
  7. GhostPhReaK

    New Servers!

    I'll be there after work
  8. GhostPhReaK

    New Servers!

    Got B3 installed aswell, have to tweak it some, but it works for now
  9. GhostPhReaK

    New Servers!

    Ola guys, we've got some new game servers! 2 Brand new ET servers and one new CoD4 server. The two ET servers run N!TM0D and ETPR0. The new CoD4 server runs my mod called ThePhReaKz. This mod is new and will become even better over time! Come and play, cya there Silent: ETPRO:
  10. GhostPhReaK

    Meeting: Finland 7Th - 9Th Of March 2014

    Guess that it did hurt
  11. GhostPhReaK

    Mad Skillz Jet'll Never Reach!

    feel like making nuubtuub movie too now xD
  12. GhostPhReaK

    Mad Skillz Jet'll Never Reach!

    Looks like you like nuubtubing Nice killfeeds though!
  13. GhostPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    Feel like we should play some soccer together
  14. GhostPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    I was thinking about that too. That second weekend is in the week I have exams, but I could go from Friday(after my last exams) till Sunday(Monday school). The first weekend is not an option for me. I've got to be properly prepaired for those exams.
  15. GhostPhReaK

    Netherlands, Meeting (October / November)

    Lol, that first weekend is before my week of schoolexams and the other one is the weekend after it(in it). And I thought it was more like a 2 or 3 day weekend, but 5 days would probably better for you because you have to come over from Finland. I need to know how expensive this will be, because I'm not that rich you know Maybe we should all meet up at ts tonight and discuss.