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  1. oh and have fun in Fintardistan like last time make some pics with someone drunk plox
  2. Hey Storn couple days ago i received email that some guy is inviting me to something called linkedin, so i made few clicks and i found out it was you hehe i saw your picture in a suit we work in a same trade btw
  3. Using plane is so mainstream... Didn't read most of the thigs here, but i can't make it during that time, gonna be somewhere climbing probably. Have fun, get wasted. Btw i'm gonna come back to lol and you guys are gonna teach me
  4. Albuz

    Humble Bundle

    You probably know about that already, but it's still worth mentioning https://www.humblebundle.com/ a lot of good games to get: 8 triumphant games. Pay what you want and get the terrifying sci-fi horror third person shooter Dead Space 3; the original bone-chilling horror shooter Dead Space; the intense action-packed supersoldier shooter Crysis 2 Maximum Edition; the high speed open-world crash happy racer Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box; the authentic modern warfare sim Medal of Honor; and the first person parkour thrill ride Mirror's Edge. Pay over the average and receive the beloved life sim The Sims 3 (along with two expansion packs in The Sims 3 Starter Pack) and the unrivaled military shooter Battlefield 3. Cheers~!
  5. Albuz

    Risk: World Domination

    Albuz Country: Poland Color: FF0000 commander:
  6. Albuz

    [poll] New site

    it's to much chaotic in my opinion and its to cramped and i don't like the skin it's just not ready yet
  7. Albuz

    They day when I wont blame..

    Happt Birthday dude
  8. Albuz

    Merry Christmas!

    I wish you all merry christmas
  9. Albuz

    10 reasons why god hates Finland

    i heard its one of the best too, but then i look at mahla and it doesnt add up
  10. Albuz

    Shit happens, the car

    Poland is such a win coutry, maybe i just put it wrong and everyone whines about healthcare here
  11. Albuz

    Shit happens, the car

    Sorry to hear that but there are good sides, since you have to be chilled your boss is gonna go easy on you It's all because you live in Warsaw mahla medical care here is... well... not so good if you got some serious illnes and you dont have good connections or money than you're fucked links are broken?
  12. Albuz


    and there was a big scandal when some polish dude threw a knife pff
  13. Albuz


    is about no hotlinking OK
  14. Albuz


    Champions League nubs! Chelsea 2:2 Juventus Pirlo didn't play like euro Pirlo