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    I get that error once and a while, but i dont really care about the eggs, i still want my stable >.
  2. generalphreak


    Isnt it just a piece of used toilet paper on a stick?
  3. generalphreak

    Parents way to find out who is hacking

    No wonder my parents wanted to keep AOL for all those years hmmm
  4. generalphreak


    No, i dont have anything that requires friends to help...mainly because i have no friends, but lets not get into that
  5. generalphreak


    I just want to build my stupid stable >.
  6. generalphreak


    I've got an army of kittens and a cow that thinks he is a referee, ill take all of you on!!
  7. generalphreak


    You opened ____'s egg and found a Pink Cottage! You can find it in your gift box! Pink...Freeky, i think i opened your egg by mistake
  8. generalphreak


    I never saw a purple cow; I never hope to see one; but I can tell you anyhow; I'd rather see than be one!
  9. generalphreak

    whats your job ??????????

    Yeah it sucks, bad hours, minimum wage, but right now a job is a job and they seem to like me for some reason, lol....i say Bring On Black Friday!!
  10. generalphreak

    whats your job ??????????

    I work freight for Toys R Us right now, up at 6am to unload the truck, and put those Barbies out on the shelf. Get to hear kids cry all day cause we are out of their favorite pokemon or whatever, its a beautiful thing.
  11. generalphreak

    PhReaKz xmas meeting US

    Actually i live in Illinois now, so i don't get warm weather till next year either
  12. generalphreak

    A Blast from the Past

    Welcome back JP, nice to see some of our old friends around again!
  13. generalphreak

    Please guys do me a favour....

    done as well
  14. generalphreak

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas Lucy, i miss you my love!
  15. generalphreak

    [moved] Name change

    Or you could stop going AFK Crip, but theres not a chance of that happening is there