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  1. NeddyPhReaK


    Haha. Yeah! I know Freeky! Sorry for the site being down for a few days. Hoster was under a DDOS attack.
  2. NeddyPhReaK


    Owh thats not cool. But being parent is kind of nice.
  3. NeddyPhReaK


    Lol hi Propeller and Boom! Site isn't active anymore...
  4. NeddyPhReaK

    Anyone playing Rust?

    There where some Rust player but did not see them for some time.
  5. NeddyPhReaK

    who has the best internet?

    Updated my Internet
  6. NeddyPhReaK

    Netherlands Meeting

    I can't say yet.
  7. NeddyPhReaK

    The Phreakz Singing!

  8. NeddyPhReaK


    Its also in the download section .
  9. NeddyPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Cool . CS:GO and ET
  10. NeddyPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Hi Control!
  11. NeddyPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    No problem mAhla! Website is running on my webspace now and paying for servers thanks to donations from asko and fanta! If you where girls i would kiss you! And i want to thank crospyder for paying all those years before!
  12. NeddyPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    We should get the phreakz licensed for a charity lol
  13. NeddyPhReaK

    Phreakz Used To Be Bigger :<

    Congratz freeky!
  14. NeddyPhReaK


    ? Did you drink to much?
  15. NeddyPhReaK

    Servers Moved Again

    After much problems with the old hoster with lagspikes and TS lagging we have decided to move the servers AGAIN. So as off today the servers are hosted at https://www.gameservers.com. So this are the ip's to connect to the servers now: Teamspeak: ts3.thephreakz.net:9455 Enemy Territory: scrim.thephreakz.net