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League Of Legends 1V1 Tournament

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League of Legends 1v1 Tournament (No Pussies Allowed)




- The tournament will be a round robin group where everybody has to play each other once.


- The person with the highest score at the end wins. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.


- The games will be played on Summoners Rift (Mid Lane Only). The first person to destroy a tower wins the game.


- Lets keep it PhReaKy guys! No nerds minus a few exceptions.




- You'll be allowed to recall, but doing so could be costly!


- Your champion is selected at random. You must press the random 3 times, with your 3rd champ being the one you have to use.


- You are allowed ONE reroll per-game meaning you can roll once again after your champion has been picked. If you do NOT use your reroll, it is passed on to the enemy player who is free to use it on top of their own reroll.


- To make things a little fairer (if you're a pussy); if a player is a lower tier than their opponent they can request that they use -10 mastery points per tier difference. For example; a silver scrub can request a platinum player only use 10 masteries because of the 2 level tier difference. 




1st. 1780rp / 1575rp

2nd. 2 x Mystery Skin

3rd. 1 x Mystery Skin




YT9OLjn.png fAntasy

XPqCwif.png Magnum

XPqCwif.png Diggity

XPqCwif.png Kani

XPqCwif.png Speteke

XPqCwif.png Dualinity

AUQsL0x.png mAhla

AUQsL0x.png Pulssi

XPqCwif.png Grant

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Of course Im in but why the mastery rule, I dont like that beter without imo.

Some guy called mAhla was scared of Magnum. Its a choice you dont have to take it if you've got balls

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