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Netherlands Meeting

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We have been planning to have new meeting in NL. I'll list all the info I know sofar below:


- The plan is to hang around the Hague

- Meeting will be 4 days long (Arrive: Thursday Leave: Monday)

- If many people will join, we might hire a cottage / Villa, all the costs will be shared

- If many people wont join, we'll sleep at Kani's/Spitty's/Dual's place & maybe hotels?

- The date for the trip is set to 23rd-27th July 2015


People who are coming to this trip for sure:

- mAhla

- Fantasy

- Magnum

- Spitty


People who wanted the meeting to happen, but havent confirmed that the date is ok:

- Pulssi

- Diggity

- Chuck

- Kani

- Dualinity

- epA
- Neddy
Related picture for upcoming trip:

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