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Fintardistan Meeting?

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Just another day I was bored at work and my mind was rolling. . 


I'm moving in to my new apartment 1st of August 2014 and I'm going to have "Welcome party" (dunno how its called, but I quess you get the point :D Party when you move in to new apartment). The party will be held at 23rd of August 2014. Got some family members coming over during the day and some friends coming over in the evening. Elina is also moving in so she will there too and _maybe_ some of her friends and showing up aswell, dunno. 


So what came to my mind was that maybe we could set up a meeting? Since its already me, epA and pulssi coming over! 


So I did some searches about flights to Finland for dates 21th - 25th of August (thursday - monday) [cheaper to fly during the week]: 


For Fanta:





London straight flight 169€ :

To: LON - HEL : 19:35 - 00:30

Back:  HEL - LON : 08:00 - 09:10


Birmingham non-straight flight 226€: SAME FLIGHT WITH SPITTY

BHX - FRA (Frankfurt) - HEL : 18:25 - 01:45 (5h 20min)

HEL - MUC (Germany) - BHX : 06:35 - 10:05 (5h 30min)


For magnub:


Dusseldorf non-straight flight 164€:

DUS - AMS - HEL: 18:15 - 23:55 (4h 40min)

HEL - AMS - DUS : 14:05 - 17:40 (4h 35min)


For Spitty:


Amsterdam non-straight flight 182€:

AMS - CDG (Paris) - HEL : 12:30 - 19:15 (5h 45min)

HEL - CDG (Paris) - HEL : 07:35 - 12:55 (6h 20min)


Amsterdam non-straight flight 182€: 

AMS - CDG (Paris) - HEL : 09:30 - 16:15 (5h 45min)

AMS - CDG (Paris) - HEL : 16:05 - 21:25 (6h 20min)


Amsterdam non-straight flight: 180€

AMS - FRA (Frankfurt) - HEL : 19:45 - 01:45 (5h) SAME FLIGHT WITH FANTA

HEL - OSL (Oslo, Norway) - AMS : 14:45 - 18:25 (4h 40min)



Aaaaaaadn many other options :D


I will give you guys ride between Airport- my place - Airport and I'll buy Beer/Cider/Booze at my place. But when we hit the club, its up to you to buy your drinks :D You can also sleep at my place. I got 64m2 apartment with big sofa :D


Is anyone else interested to join? Give ideas/opinions/etc.. Just would be really great to put faces to voices! Also I wont be dissapointed/mad if this meeting wont happen, then we can try again and perhaps in Holland! :)

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And I will most likely pick you up from airport, as I live nearby, and will drive to mahla's anyway.

My cat might be in the car too, just FYI if you are allergic.

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If I come direct this is probably best for me:




If I come via Amsterdam, I'll either have to pay quite a bit more or stay stranded in Amsterdam for 20hours


Those airport taxes man :D FUK.

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will book Friday probably a direct flight since i only have to travel a total of 4,5 hours then :) but i will first hear how Fanta is going to travel


gonna be awesome bro's

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