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Fanta's Mini Curvefever Tourney




Hey guys, thought it would be fund to set up a small Curvefever tournament for one night. Here's how it's going to work:

The tournament will be composed of two phases. 


1st Group Stage: Hoping to get 3 groups of 4 (more if needed), everyone in the group plays 3 times with the scores from the 3 games being added together. Bonus +3 points for a match win

2nd Group Stage: The top 2 players from each group move on to play each other in an epic 6-man fight to the death. Same rules apply; 3 matches, with the total scores being added together. Again, +3 points for a match win.


The player with the most overall points at the end of the 3 games will be deemed the winner. I am including a small cash prize of €25 to spice things up a little! That should be plenty for a crate of beer ;)

Post your name here if you want to take part, I'll give it a few days before I close signups so I can get things ready.
p.s. If you don't know what curvefever is, feel free to try it out @ http://curvefever.com/play2.php

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We only need 2 more players. Or maybe 3 more players since Hero has stopped gaming and there is no clue if he is going to take part of this tournament. 


Magnub's brother perhaps? Someone else? 

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