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Epic meeting we had. As a result, we ended up to:

- We are meeting in Poland at some random day

- We are all getting shit faced

- We will sleep at some random place

- We will spend our time at random city

- Random amount of people will take part to this trip

- Hangovers arent nice !!

- Budjet for this trip will be around 200€ - 3000€ per person

- We will have a blast

I'm so excited about this trip! :P

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I'm responding late here, but for your info aswell Storny. This meeting is canceled. Ppl didnt show that much interest to come to Poland. So now I'm planning with Fintardistan friends to go to United States next year, so I'll be saving money for that trip and wont be able to travel around europe before that. Planning to fly to New York and drive to Las Vegas from there, and fly back to Finland from Las Vegas.

Epic shit? It is.

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