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Blogs sux imo and mostly fail coz it is a pain in the ass to post regularly what is going on in your daily lives. Therefore this new concept: wanna share how your day was, what you feel, blah blah...

Here is the place to post it!

I'll start:

Today: woke up at 6 am, snoozed until 7am :P

Finally woke up and smoked that first cigarette with a strong coffee to get awake.

Took a shower and dressed up for work

drove to the trainstation and catched my train around 8am

Started working at 9am, typical day: controlling taxes of a pharmacist this time.

Went shopping for xmas during my lunch

Grabbed a hot meal at work and started working again around 1.30

Stopped working at 6 in the evening

Spoke a co-worker I didn't see for ages but was just in time to catch my train back home

arriving in my hometown around 7 in the evening

stopped at my moms house for 20 minutes

came home and opened a bottle of champagne and some oysters with my gf

watched tv for some hours and then updated some minor things on this website

got this idea and posting my day here atm :-)

time to sleep

Over and out

Nighty night

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Here comes mAhla's succesfull.. oh wait.. Friday morning:

Woke up at 6AM, snoozed till 6:20AM.

Grapped my packs, did two sandwitches and took them with me.

I felt a bit "dirty" but I didnt take a shower, cause I was supposed to go to gym at 7AM and to take shower there.

Left home at 6:45AM to pick up my uncle with my car, and drove to gym.

At 7AM we were at gym (this was first time we were going to train there) just to notice that our cards which we should use for login didnt work yet. So that little b*tch who was supposed to configure those cards for us for this morning, didnt do her job. So we left a note there that cards didnt work (even they told us that they would work this morning) and we headed to work (2 hours early) and w/o taking a shower.

I arrived to work at 7:20AM, unpacked my laptob, turned it on -> Gives me Boot Error! Laptob worked fine yesterday when I used it at home. So I start my day by fixing my laptob from command prompt .. -.- Now its 8:44 AM and I got it up and running! Its time for coffee break, and after that going to install new enviroment for our software and update some clients!

Thats about my succesfull friday morning, tell me yours!

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My Friday morning:

0.00AM I was still playing MW2 with Newfie and Katrin, sub base domination, We pwnd them hard as ussual ^^

Then I went to bed, cuz I have to wake up at 7AM, jeez-.- I woke up at 7AM, and snoozed till 7.14AM. Then I took a shower and made my haircut. 7.56AM I turned my PC on and went downstairs to eat my breakfast. 8.05AM My little brother decided to irritate me so I had to irritate him. 8.18 I went upstairs to my PC. 8.20AM I started reading this post and decided to write something back. 8.30 Now I notice it's 8.30AM and that means I almost have to go to school. Now I couldn't play MW2 anymore :P 8.31AM I feel like I have to go for a crap ...

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my very "intresting" friday morning.

i woke up at 8.30, i fell a sleep again, i woke up at 10 and i had breakfast.. some cornflakes, and yoghurt.. at 10.21 i took a shower, at 10.35 i packed my bag, and did some other unintresting stuf, like putting gell in my hair..

at 10.50 i left for my only class of this day at 11.00, introduction to law :P wich was a normal lesson, not very intresting but it was ok. at 13.00 class finished and i went back to my students appartement. i had luch, started up my laptop checked facebook, watched some football reports, and red this post.

now at 13.45 i dont know what to do, i should actually study but i'm not really in the mood^^ so i gues i'll play some et :P

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as my intresting day continued..

i played et untill around 15.30, with wimpie and junk, at 15.30 my internet decided to stop working.. i'm starting to feel like our old friend susano^^ (coincidence: susano also studied law..) at 15.45 i started studiing untill 19.00 when i decided to check if the internet worked again, so it did. then i made this reply.. now i will have to make my bag to return home for the weekend, then eat, then party, then sleep.

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My saturday:

Woke up at 3:30AM for the morning news papers.

After that sleep from 7AM until 11:45AM.

After having some breakfast i picked up my gf from Havelte around 12:20PM.

Then did drive home again. After that played the new kirby game the whole day until diner.

After diner we did game some more kirby until 8:45PM then watched "Ik hou van Holland".

After that we did play some Wii Play Motion.

Then arround 00:30AM i did bring my gf back home. I did drink something at her house. Then i drove back home.

When i came home i did hear something like a mouse or something. So i went mouse hunting. I did catch the mouse arround 2:30AM. And returned the mouse to the wild.

That was my long saturday :)

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First I woke up and did all the ussual shit.

First thing I did after the ussual shit, was creating a new YouTube video. I finished that, and I did let it render while I had to go.

Then I went to school to make one PTA test, English. Got and 8.6 or higher on a scale on 10 :)

Then I went home, had a talk with Newf about that mw3 server clan thingy on ts and steam.

After that I was waiting for the postman to bring MW3 to me. But I got disappointed.

The postman brought only some letters, too bad. It was around 11.30.

I couldn't beleive it didn't arrive, I did freaking pre-order the game. Then I may expect I have it at the day of release in my parent's house. Or am I wrong there?

I still couldn't beleive I didn't had the game. Other fellows in my Steam-friendlist were playing it. So I was getting jealous and pissed.

I waited the entire afternoon for MW3 to arrive. I litterly walked to the mailbox 5 times or so to check if the postman didn't comback or so. But of course he didn't. That afternoon was a total waste of time!

I should have used that time to learn for my PTA test for wednesday, today. But I couldn't concentrate, because I didn't had the game and kept thinking about it all the time.

So I started learning at 20.00 in the evening and I'm still busy now :P

Stupid me...

But I'm getting the hang of it now, I thought I would never understand this most idiotic subject. Civics *throw up*

Now I will finish this learning and go to bed in 20 minutes, finally :)

PS I can sleep late tomorrow, hehe :P

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my wensday:

"awesome" day.. ^^

had to wake up at 8.00 cos i had to go to a math class

at 9.15 ofc i forgot it was at 9.15 and i was there at 9.00 i could have slept 15 fcking min longer^^

soo after math i had history of public law at 11.00 untill 13.00


now i'm sitting at my laptop.. i'll make my task for juridic french after i finish this reply, then i take a shower, i go buy some food for this evening and i prepare for the two classes to come: 16.00-18.00 filosofy, 18.00-20.00 introduction to law

such a hard day.. :s

at 20.30 i make food for me and 2 friends

then we'll probably go out a bit, however i'm really tired already cos this week has been so heavy^^

great.. after reading this, you'll probably be more bored then i'm now :D

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