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  2. hewoo??

    Haha. Yeah! I know Freeky! Sorry for the site being down for a few days. Hoster was under a DDOS attack.
  3. hewoo??

    Whoaa people are still active here! Sorry to hear about your first baby 😑 I have two boys myself now, 5 and 2 (almost 3!) year old. Neddy, best time of being a parent is when the kids are in bed sleeping.
  4. hewoo??

    Neddy... Let's revive it then 😀 Lots happened idd, sorry to read about first baby. Time to get things rolling again... Ned, I Will call in the old crocodiles, watch me 😎
  5. hewoo??

    Owh thats not cool. But being parent is kind of nice.
  6. hewoo??

    well, u are here, we are here, what else but actvity should that be? :-) @ boom, i'm fine thx . lots of stuff happened during last 2 years which is why i stopped playing: pregnant - married - baby died - ..................... - pregnant again - mum of sweetest girl ever
  7. hewoo??

    Lol hi Propeller and Boom! Site isn't active anymore...
  8. hewoo??

    Hehe, What a coincidence, just visiting today ;-) How are you? Been a loooooooooong time idd!
  9. hewoo??

    just found my way back to site :- ) anybody still here? been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!
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